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School Of foreign Languages

Profile of the School of Foreign Languages

Founded under a directorate from the university rector in 1963, Ege University Department of Foreign Languages was reconstructed as the School of Foreign Languages in 2010.

The goal of the School of Foreig Languages is to use the latest teaching approaches and methodologies to educate students to be fluent in the foreign language they need for their faculty studies and to do so in a modern safe environment. The school has an active staff development, meeting the educational needs of the students.

The school has over 200 instructors, other staff and nearly 4000 students. The school offers English preparatory classes to new students whose departments require compulsory preparatory language education. In addition, new students whose departments do not require compulsory preparatory education may also enrol in the school and receive a one-year English education. The school also runs compulsory English classes in faculties, departments and vocational schools.
Ege University -School Of Foreign Languages
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